Abbreviations for Patriot service ranks

BGEN — Brigadier Gen
CAPT — Captain
CS — Civil Service
COL — Colonel
CPL — Corporal
ENS — Ensign
FIFER — Musician
LT — Lieutenant
LT COL — Lieutenant Colonel
MAJ — Major
NCO — Non-Commissioned
PS — Patriot Service
PVT — Private
PVTR — Privateer
QTM — Quartermaster
SEA — Seaman
SGT — Sergeant
SGTMAJ — Sergeant Major
SOL — Soldier


Patriot Ancestors

Ancestors of the Colonel Frederick Hambright Chapter members are listed below. This list includes patriots of the American Revolutionary War and ancestors who contributed to the independence cause through civil or patriotic service. A few of our patriots served in more than one state.
Please note that the information below does not constitute proof of lineage.


  • Edward Parish, PVT


  • Caleb Low, MAJ
  • David Poe, QM

New Hampshire

  • Abiel Chandler, PVT

New Jersey

  • Thomas Parker, PS-Teamster

New York

  • William Pierce, CAPT

North Carolina

  • Jeremiah Blalock, PS, PVT
  • Burwell Blanton, PVT
  • Jacob Braswell, SOL
  • Peter Carpenter, PS
  • Edward Cobb, PS
  • Thomas Costner, PVT
  • George Crowell, PVT
  • Phillip Faulk, PS
  • Nicholas Fry, Sr., PS
  • Preston Goforth, PVT
  • Frederick Hambright, LT COL, CS, PS
  • Richard Leadbetter, PVT
  • Owen Lee, SOLĀ 
  • Charles Crawford Lewis, SGT
  • Thomas Lowrey, PVT
  • Perry Green Mackness, PS
  • Matthew McClure, CS, PS
  • Benjamin Newton, CAPT
  • Robert Penland, PS
  • Edward Rippey, PVT
  • Hugh Rogers, SOL
  • Johann Martin Shultz, SOL, PS
  • David Sloan, CS, PS
  • Joshua Tillman, SOL
  • James White, CAPT
  • John Whiteside, SOL
  • William Wilkie, PS


  • David Bright, PS
  • William Dewees, COL
  • William Drennan, PVT
  • Frederick Emmert, SOL
  • Philip Fox, PVT
  • Bartholomew Herrington, PVT
  • Henry Houser, PVT
  • John Houser, PVT
  • Jaconias Rose, PS
  • John Totten, PVT

South Carolina

  • John Carruth, PVT
  • John Ellis, CS
  • John Irby, CAPT
  • James Irwin, PVT
  • Samuel Jones, PVT
  • Samuel Littlejohn, LT
  • James McDowell, CAPT
  • Daniel McJunkin, PVT
  • Samuel McJunkin, CS, PS
  • Moses Ratchford, SOL
  • Laodicea "Dicey" Langston Springfield, PS


  • Hugh Botkin, PVT
  • William Drennan, PVT
  • James Fowlkes, SGT
  • Housen Harrell, PVT
  • John Irby, CAPT
  • Richard Leadbetter, PVT
  • Kinchen Martin, ENS
  • William Patterson, PS
  • Martin Roberts, PS, PVT
  • William Sands, PVT

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